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Monday, June 04, 2012


My new personal art project has made its debut! Powered by Tumblr, Ninjapocalyse is a frequently updated art blog that will be full of crazy characters.

Originally, I wanted to just have some kind of daily sketch blog, but as I got to work on it, other concepts began to solidify and it became something even bigger. You see, over time, I've collected a lot of ideas for different characters. Some are weird, some are cool, some are just plain stupid, but they all beg to be drawn. So, I am drawing them, and my idea was to bring them all together by creating a world where anything can happen and everybody fights!

Fueled by my love for comics, anime, video games, and action figures, this is a world where ninjas, superheroes, robots, aliens, zombies, monsters, warriors, and all kinds of other characters can do battle. Rather than be a web comic or ongoing story, Ninjapocalypse will simply feature simple, fun illustrations of these characters, with a short written biography, and you the viewer get to imagine which characters are friends, which characters are enemies, and how their universe expands with each new arrival. It's as if this is a cartoon or toyline that never existed. You can read "The Story of Ninjapocalypse" for more on what this is all about.

Ninjapocalypse will operate as a separate entity from, but there will be a connection and it's my hope that they will co-exist and make each other better. It will update with a new character every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5pm EST for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the Ninjapocalypse website itself, there will also be updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In fact, updates about anything I do will be on those sites, so you can follow there to keep up with everything I'm up to. And you can help Ninjapocalypse by spreading the word on your social network and sharing it with your friends

I'm really hoping that people dig this new concept, but even if everybody hates it, it's still something I just had to try. There will be so many characters, and I think that once a whole bunch of them have been revealed, people will start to see what I'm trying to do and everyone will be able to pick a favorite.

In other news, I'm almost ready to move all my stuff to my new office studio. I hope to get some new entries here on SykoGrafix sometime soon after that's all settled.